MAD Office Hero program

Making a difference is not about position, it's about action

What you’ll learn

What you'll learnWe’ve digested thousands of books and articles. And dissected almost 20 years of “hard office labour” to get to the raw essentials of being effective in any organisation – big or small. We’ve done the boring stuff and converted it into cool, animated videos and simple tools that will fast track your success.

This is a multimedia program that’s fun, educational AND entertaining!

Based on the career-changing idea of eliminating old and unproductive habits in favour of bold new processes, the MAD Office Hero program and products are designed to restructure the way you think, work, and interact with supervisors and workmates alike.

Our products can help you reach down to the very core of your existing skillset in order to pull out the best bits, tweak them for success, and seamlessly integrate them back into your office strategy without missing a beat.

And all of the products are accessible from home, at work, on the go—anywhere you can power-up and an Internet-capable device. Take your learning to go on your laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone and learn when you like, as you like!

You’ll learn:

red-tick  How to spot (and bust free of) your own limitations

red-tick  How to manage your superiors

red-tick  To cultivate your own reputation

red-tick  How to earn respect, responsibility, and reward

red-tick  To effectively motivate your workmates, friends, and family

red-tick  How to be a better leader, a better role model, and a better person both on and off the clock

Master how to:

red-tick Be an influence genius

red-tick Manage your boss

red-tick Change your habits

red-tick Take control of your time

red-tick Motivate others

red-tick Build your reputation And much much more….

red-tick Deliver feedback artfully

red-tick Build trust

red-tick Work in diverse teams

red-tick Deal with difficult people

red-tick Be fit for leadership

red-tick Have conversations that matter

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