MAD Office Hero program

Making a difference is not about position, it's about action

Who is the MAD Office Hero program for?

What nextYou’re here because you know that technical skills and job experience simply aren’t enough to get you to where you want to be.  You want to get to the next level, and the one beyond that, and the one beyond that.  You know you can because you’re good at what you do.  You have the drive and the will to become a leader among your workmates—a real influence genius—but you just aren’t quite sure how to get there.

We’ve got the secret to your success right here (or rather, we can show you how to unlock that secret within yourself.)  You see, becoming an Office Hero is all about breaking out of your habits and pushing yourself beyond your current boundaries.  You can’t expect someone to lower that ladder to success for you—you have to jump up and grab hold.  That’s what these resources, tools, and experts are all about.

MAD Office Hero has laid the bedrock for a new breed of forward-thinking Office Hero:  Men and women who aren’t satisfied with business as usual and who know that success is made with their own two hands.  It’s time for you to join them.  Get started today!

The program will help you:

red-tick  Turn thoughts and ideas into action

red-tick  Effectively manage your boss

red-tick  Earn loyalty and inspire your workmates

red-tick  Energise your entire office and become an influence genius

red-tick  Be a better leader, mentor, friend, and spouse!

The top 10 reasons to become a MAD Office Hero

1.  You want to work smarter – not harder

2.  You want to motivate your team and workmates to get stuff done

3.  You want to be more focused and productive, and stress less

4.  You need really practical tools to develop your skills to get ahead

5.  You love to learn and do new things, at your own pace

6.  You know you have some habits that need to change but don’t know how

7.  You want to step outside of your boss’s shadow

8.  You fundamentally want to make a difference – at work and in your life

9.  You know that technical expertise and luck are not enough to get ahead in your career

10. You’ve always admired Superman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man  (or maybe you just secretly want to wear lycra)

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