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Take those around you on a journey instead of keeping them pointed in the right direction.

Leadership is about choosing the right things to do to help guide others and achieve common goals.  Rather than simply keeping the ship sailing in the right direction, as a good leader you will take those around you on a journey.  The good news is, leadership is for anyone with a commitment to take action, get involved and work with others towards meaningful change or progress.

How to be more productive – help someone

It may seem counter intuitive, yet helping others can actually make you more motivated and productive at work. Here are some simple approaches you can take to help others that won’t leave you overloaded, stressed out or needing to be a martyr.

How to be happier – at work and in life

Practicing gratitude is such a simple approach to increase both your happiness and life satisfaction. Watch this touching video to find out how to practice gratitude and be happier.

How to energise your team

As a leader you own your team’s spirit. If you see lethargy or your workmates are disinterested and unmotivated in your office, it’s time to take steps to (re)energize your team. Try these 3 simple steps to get your team engaged at work.

How to say thanks

It’s amazing how far a simple “thank you” can go. Feeling genuinely appreciated is one of the main drivers for your workmates to stay committed and to go the extra mile.

So are you doing it enough and in the right way? Follow these 3 steps to regularly thank those around you that contribute to your success.

How to motivate without money

The problem with using money is that it can have the opposite effect and actually de-motivate your workmates. So what to do? Check out these 3 simple ways to motivate your workmates without the dollars.

How to get motivated at work

What motivates you to work? What do you think motivates your workmates? Is it money or enjoyment? Apparently neither one of them in isolation.

Watch this TED Talk and read our summary on how meaning, making progress and being challenged will make you and your workmates happier and more productive at work.

How to motivate your workmates

Does paying your team more really help motivate them? Actually, more money can lead to more problems. Check out this infographic to visually understand why and how to truly motivate your workmates.

What to carry for success

The attitude and mindset you carry with you in your daily interactions are just as important for your success as your technical skills and abilities.

Check out this visual guide of 10 tools you too can easily carry with you for success.

How to find bright spots

When things are not going as we hoped, we often focus on what’s wrong or look for alternatives. However, there is always a “bright spot”, something positive, no matter how small, in any situation. Here’s how you too can find bright spots that will help you achieve your goals.

How to be a MAD Office Hero

Do you want to do things differently at work, at home and in your life? To make a difference (MAD), you may need to act and be different. Check out these simple tips on how to be a MAD Office Hero and start making a difference today!

How to spark creativity

Asking powerful questions helps you to spark creative thinking and innovative problem solving. Just asking these 3 simple words can lead to positive solutions for difficult challenges.

How kids can make a difference

There’s no age barrier to making a difference. All you need is the energy, determination and a bit of creativity.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out this story of a 12 year old’s creative way to ‘grow a mo’ to raise funds last MOvember.

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