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Until you can manage time, you can't effectively manage anything else.

Time management is the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially through prioritisation of tasks at work.  Setting realistic deadlines and managing your inbox are all tricks to help keep the to-do list under control.

How not to destroy your productivity

Do you have any work habits that stand in the way of your efforts to boost your productivity and get stuff done? Check out our visual guide of the best ways to destroy your productivity and get less out of your day – plus their antidotes.

How to best use your first hour at work

Want to know how to use the first hour of your workday to increase productivity and reduce overwhelm? Then our visual guide on how your first work hour can make you more productive is for you!

How to save you inbox

Are you a slave to your inbox? Is email taking up your time and generating more work for you and your workmates? You CAN revert the email spiral and make email work for you. Check out this visual guide on how to save your inbox and get more done.

How to beat procrastination

Procrastination can be a big huddle to getting stuff done. If you multitask or get easily distracted this visual guide on how to beat procrastination is for you.

How to prioritise and get stuff done

Getting the most out of your waking hours is about getting clear on what your priorities are and organising your time around them. Here’s how you can prioritise to make your waking hours smoother and more effective.

Stop being a hostage in meetings

Of all the things that challenge you at work, sitting in meetings all day likely features at the top of your list. Here’s our visual guide on how NOT to be a hostage in meetings.

How to focus on the right stuff

In every situation there will be things that you can control, things that you can influence and then things that you have no control over. Here’s how to focus your time and energy where you can have the most impact

How to doodle in meetings

Do you doodle in meetings? Does it help you to think? Here’s a 4-minute peaceful walk-through of a personal Moleskin journal to inspire your next doodling session.

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