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Communication tools

Communication tools help facilitate interaction between two or more parties in a variety of scenarios, from trying to solve a problem or resolve conflict, through to providing feedback to a manager or team member.  Our communication tools can arm you with a powerful way to make your workplace communications efficient and effective.



Our handy worksheets give you a framework to follow for a specific task, and supported by detailed instructions on how to use to get the most out of them.  Covering a range of areas from responding to feedback to taking control of your personal development, there’s a worksheet that can help you Make A Difference.


MAD Office Hero program components

The MAD Office Hero program is designed to build career-changing skills in leadership, working with others, personal effectiveness, and much much more. It is packed with powerful tools, quick steps, and how-to tips for making progress right away.   For those who want to focus on one particular component, these can be purchased separately.


Superhero Success Library

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