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MAD Office Hero products develop your team leadership skills through video and poster bundles that allow you to:

  • Influence & convince colleagues
  • Surround yourself with high-quality talent
  • Build your personal brand and mindset

Each product comes with an instantly downloadable bundle so you can start right now:

MAD Office Heroes are trusted at these game-changing organisations:

Resolve conflicts with a strategy and practical tools

Do you want to develop the skills to manage conflict at work? Or maybe you want a process to effectively manage your boss? Use our Conflict Resolution Strategies to become a better leader, emotionally and professionally.


How to Manage Your Boss

This video & poster bundle helps you discover:

  • What is important to your boss,
  • How to deal with management conflicts,
  • How to communicate better with your boss.

This bundle is a foundation for professionals who want to move upward!



Ricky Lee

Head of Customer Initiatives

“This is the most impactful and life changing training I have had. I learnt how to be an authentic leader and how to listen, which has actually calmed situations down when dealing with issues in the office.”

Influence others in the workplace using the Influence Genius video/poster bundle

Train your brain to think in a way that makes you more influential. Have colleagues or employees follow your lead because they want to instead of have to. Use the Influence Genius to become better at persuading others, influence others as a leader, and develop your career.


How to Influence Others

This Video & Poster bundle teaches you to:

  • Get buy-in from colleagues,
  • Convey your ideas persuasively,
  • Convince others to see perspectives.

This bundle is an easy, practical, and re-usable tool for those who want to influence others as a leader.


Learn the basics of managing up with our free eGuide on managing your boss

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