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Communication Resources

Good communication is critical for you to be effective and to convey what you care about. Use these resources to communicate with impact. Your colleagues, your boss and your team will appreciate it!

These effective resources include eGuides, videos and articles. Learn how to bridge the communication gap and Make A Difference in your role.

How to Create your
Personal Board of Directors

Build your own personal network of support from your professional and personal life.


Conflict Strategies

Managing conflict at work can be challenging. It affects productivity, morale and turnover. Conflict resolution is a skill, especially in tense situations. Use these practical conflict strategies to ease frictions in the office and to promote a healthier workplace environment.

Conflict Management

Leadership Tools

A good leader has many qualities which involve setting goals and developing and motivating others to achieve them. How does a good leader become a great one? Get the leadership resources to be a successful team leader. Equip and develop your skills for success.

Spark Cards

Want to engage your team and understand what they care about? Spark Cards will get you thinking, talking and knowing others better!.


Negotiation Skills

Positive, collaborative negotiation occurs through discussion and resolution. Your negotiation style will determine the outcome. Learn to negotiate effectively even when it’s tricky and not always favourable. Resolve a point of difference without resorting to an argument. Good negotiation skills result in positive outcomes for all.

How to be an Influence Genius

Being an influence genius takes practice, insight and some clever ingenuity. Learn how to get your colleagues buy in.


Personal Development

Your career is a journey of personal development. Facing new challenges requires you to develop new skills and talents. Learning new skills allows you to reach aspirations, dreams and goals. Being self-aware impacts your behaviour, decisions, and those around us. Enhance your quality of life using these powerful personal development ideas.

How to use the Power of Pause

Take a mindful mini break by using the Power of Pause, and refresh your mind.


Time Management Tips

Time management is your ability to use your time productively. Focus on the right stuff to set realistic deadlines and learn how to prioritise tasks at work. Keep your to-do list under control and increase your productivity. You will become an invaluable asset and manage your stress by doing so.

Wellbeing Tips

Need a wellbeing boost? Most of us need extra support when it comes to workplace wellbeing. Wellbeing is a combination of your physical, mental, emotional and social health. It influences how you feel about yourself and your life. Boost your wellbeing at work with these positive tips and tools.

Optimal Life Hacks

Change your life 3 minutes at a time. Get easy, daily life hacks to go from hectic & stressed, to balanced, happy & optimal!

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