How to get your workmate’s buy-in

Creating change and getting buy-in at work is tricky. More often than not, intrapreneurship is about balancing your new ideas with the existing priorities of your workmates who are essential to making your idea happen.

The office environment can be complicated, it’s crucial that you influence without rocking the corporate boat too much. Get your workmate’s buy-in by thinking through the four “whys” behind your plans. Enthusiastically engage everyone involved in discussions about the future, regardless of their seniority. Here’s how:

1 Why this? 

Provide sound reasons behind your ideas and how this connects to the company’s growth strategies and values. Help your workmates see the importance of your plans to the future of the company.

2 Why now? 

This is about timing. Think through why your plans have to take place now and not later. Prepare yourself by thinking through – Is there a new gap in the market? A competitive shift? A customer trend that needs attention? A new growth area that needs attention now?

3 Why us?

Explain why your company should be the one to act on your big idea. Share your big picture aspirations, goals and objectives for the future so your workmates can buy into the direction you wish to go. Paint a compelling picture to get them motived to take the business forward in the way you plan.


4 Why me? 

You need to make it crystal clear why their involvement is important – and more so rewarding to them individually. Answer their biggest question – “What’s in it for me?” How will they apply their strengths? Learn new skills or knowledge? Or get exposure? Focus on your workmate’s individual goals to make them care about your ideas and plans.

Use these simple tips to get buy-in and turn your big ideas into reality!

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