How to use your body to present

How to use your body to present

Check out the stimulating visual guide below on how to engage audiences with the help of your own body language. Here’s a summary of the 10 body language tips to use when presenting:

1.  Boost your own confidence by using an open posture
2.  Smile to make your audience comfortable
3.  Use natural gestures and give people eye contact
4.  Keep calm to exude confidence and build trust
5.  Use the physical space by walking in line with your story
6.  Mix up your gestures, using variety to maintain the audience’s attention
7.  Point at the screen for emphasis
8.  Be physically close to your audience
9.  Pause and breathe – it gives you time to think
10. Use positive gestures throughout – smile, nod, open palms

Use these simple body language tips to wow your next audience!

How to use body language for success

How to use body language for success

Body language affects how others see you. You may not be aware that it also impacts how you see yourself. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” can have an impact on your chances for success even when you don’t feel confident.

Here’s how to use successful body language.

1 Set aside just 2 minutes

Tiny tweaks can lead to big changes. Set aside just 2 minutes of “power posing” before your next big meeting or situation where you are not feeling confident. Prepare your mind by practicing the poses described in the video at our desk, in the lift or even in the bathroom.

2 Fake it ‘til you become it

Over time your body changes your mind, your mind changes your behaviour and eventually your behaviour changes the outcome. Even when it feels odd, or false, persist. Use these postures often enough until your confidence is internalised.

3 Show your true self

Power posing works to configure your brain to cope the best you can in any situation, not to dominate, intimidate or be aggressive to your workmates. Feeling assertive and confident allows your true-self to shine.

Practice these simple body language tips to impact your results.

How to Spark great conversations

How to Spark great conversations

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How to listen better

How to listen better

Conscious listening creates understanding and is key to making meaning from what you hear. Watch this short video and learn 5 ways to re-tune your ears for conscious listening – to other people and the world around you.