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Everything is negotiable, with a favourable outcome for everyone involved being the ultimate end goal.

Negotiation occurs whenever there is a discussion between two or more people or parties to reach an understanding or resolve a point of difference through compromise or discussion, without resorting to an argument.  Rather than compromise, good negotiation should result in positive outcomes for all involved.

How to hold others accountable

Holding others accountability for their actions – or lack of action – can take some courage. Here’s our guide to help you address these types of issues and hold others accountable for what they do and don’t do.

How to get others to deliver what you want

Do your workmates delivery what you want or do you get disappointed with the outcomes most of the time?

A clear request could be your answer to make a difference and help you make things happen. Here’s your checklist of the vital elements for making effective requests.

How to get your workmate’s buy-in

Your work environment can be complicated so it’s crucial that you influence without rocking the corporate boat too much.

Get your workmate’s buy-in by thinking through the four “whys” behind your plans. This helps to balance your new ideas with the existing priorities of your workmates who are essential to making your ideas happen. Here’s how to turn your big ideas into reality!

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